If your art or craft is handmade by you, you may click the link below to apply for each fair, and follow the instructions. The online version requires no downloading or printing, but you must hit “Submit” at the bottom of the form, or we will not receive the information.

Click for July 2024 Online Application

Click for October 2024 Online Application

Or To Email:

1) Download the Applications Linked Below & Save. 2) Fill out, Save, and Email it to: [email protected].

Or To Mail:

Download the Application Below, (Fill out, Save as, then Print it), or Print & Fill it Out by Hand, and Mail with 1/2 Booth Fee* as a deposit plus a $25 application fee to:

805 Eleanor St, Knoxville, TN 37917.

Request a link to this page’s app be sent to your email (use the smartphone camera to scan) : App to Request Applications for Gatlinburg Craftsmen's Fair

*Booth Fee Deposit Check will not be deposited until you receive an email confirming your application acceptance.


1. The show’s location is the Gatlinburg Convention Center, Downtown Gatlinburg, 234 Airport Road, Gatlinburg, TN 37738. Click for a Map.

2. The average size booth is 10 ft. deep and 15 ft. wide (corner booth).
3. Show Hours: July & October 2024: 10 AM until 5 PM daily.
4. We furnish background and side drapes (black) only. All other equipment must be furnished by the exhibitor. Tents are not acceptable for this indoor event. This is a professional event for professional artists and craftsmen. You’ll need to display your items accordingly.

5. Good lighting is highly recommended. Base poles and sliding supports for lights as well as chairs, tables, and skirting can be rented through the Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair display company. The order form is on the back of the paper contract. Contracts are generally sent out at the end of January or after your application is accepted. Online contracts will also be available and will include an order form.
6. Electricity must be ordered from the convention center. Electricity: 0 to 2000 Watts: Advance Rate (must be completed with payment received 16 days before the show opens—note this if mailing a check) $100.00 — Floor Rate $120.00. Each additional 1000 Watts: $50.00. Click Here for Convention Center Online Ordering.

7. Free Wi-Fi is provided for light use swipes and email/social media checking, and it is provided separately for our artisans by Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair via the convention center.

8. For your convenience, change will be available in the office (9 AM until 3 PM each day).
9. Applications are reviewed by the jury. You must include 5 or more photos with your application: one photo of your booth display, one photo of you making your items, and three or more representing items you will bring to the fair. This is not a complete list of rules.

10. Detailed information about the shows will be sent out 30 days before show dates.

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