Opening Thursday!

Opening Thursday! Click for Video. The most exciting and nerve-racking words any promoter can write and say, "We open this week!" Better

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2019 October Craftsmen’s Fair FAQs

Two entrances to the Gatlinburg Craftsmen's Fair: 234 Historic Nature Trail, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and 920 Parkway, Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Dates are from October

2019 October Craftsmen’s Fair FAQs2019-09-06T19:50:25-04:00

Event Ranked 2nd Opens Oct. 10th

“From someone who was told that by an exhibitor who had done it for years, we are sorry we didn’t do it sooner! Gatlinburg is wonderful..."

Event Ranked 2nd Opens Oct. 10th2019-09-06T21:53:01-04:00

Handmade Craftsmen Feature: Bevs Bags

Beverly Humphreys stitches together a new design for 2019. Bev’s Bags originates in North Georgia between Atlanta and Chattanooga, Tennessee. *Some […]

Handmade Craftsmen Feature: Bevs Bags2019-11-29T18:57:43-05:00

No time to write…so let’s share!

"Here’s a common problem: you’re doing stuff around the house and want to listen to music from your iPhone. There are numerous

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Changes. Feedback… says these changes have been good for our Fair. That of course is the whole purpose! A Peek Inside… during

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