Gatlinburg, TN – October 8, 2022

Opening Thursday, October 13th, this fall tradition is the largest event we have seen in years. We are so excited to bring you so many new artists and craftsmen to one of your favorite places: Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

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The quality and diversity we have been blessed to bring you again and again just keeps getting better and better. If you love arts, crafts, and music, don’t miss out!

We are so busy behind the scenes getting everything ready for everyone. We hope you are as excited as we are to be back in the Gatlinburg Convention Center for our fantastic 18-day showcase of creativity, fun, and unmatched quality. You will enjoy meeting these talented artisans from across the nation. They cannot wait to meet you, too.

Kathleen Janke creates her needle basketry in her booth in July 2022 at the Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair, downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

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If you attended in July, you got a sneak peek at some of these artists, but many more are on board for this event.

Remember every 6 days new artists come into the event as a few will leave. Be sure to get your multi-day pass to enjoy coming back again and again for free. This requires your photo ID at the office on aisle 500 once you are inside the event.

We are excited by the newly renovated convention center spaces. The whole center has been renovated with new floor coverings, ticket counters have been replaced, office spaces have moved, new outdoor spaces have been added, the bathrooms have all been remodeled, plus the escalators have either been replaced or updated. It is absolutely beautiful and includes some new family restrooms–much needed for various reasons!

Gourd and needle basketry by Kathleen Janke; photo by Bronwyn Blodgett for Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair, LLC, July 2022.

Due to the remodeling, some storage areas in the building are limited now. We have decided to place most of the wheelchairs at each entrance so that they are easier for you to access right when you enter, and they are stored in areas with more space than our office has available. We will keep a couple of chairs at the office, but we ordered more and will have them at both lobbies with our ticket takers.

The convention center’s new concessions manager promises to bring some fresh selections and a greater depth to offerings there, so please be sure to check it out. In July we experienced some faux pas that honestly left a bad taste in our mouths as well as some of yours. Let’s be sure to give them encouragement and compliments on anything you see better in that area!

We are looking forward to seeing you all soon! Please don’t miss it!

Our event address is 920 Parkway, or 234 Historic Nature Trail (soon to revert to Airport Road), Gatlinburg, TN 37738. If you need to call us, 865-436-7479. You can always contact us by email or message us on Facebook.