Parking & Using the Trolleys

Gatlinburg packs many great attractions into a small footprint. There are many public parking lots near the Gatlinburg Convention Center on Historic Nature Trail. Click here to see a list of available parking lots closest to the Convention Center and check their rates.

About the Gatlinburg Trolley System

Alternatively, Gatlinburg boasts a wonderful free public transit system. Park at one of the free Park and Ride lots or at another pay to park lot, then you can take the trolley to the Gatlinburg Convention Center at light #8 and many other places around town.

Free Parking Lots:

  • Park and Ride Lot at Highway 441 Welcome Center: 145 spaces (directions)
  • Park and Ride lot on Highway 321 at City Hall complex: 95 spaces (directions)

Other Parking Lots:

  • Traffic Light No. 3 Garage: 372 spaces available
  • Ripley’s Aquarium Garage: 365 spaces available (directions)

You can take a trolley on either the blue or purple route to go to the Convention Center. To see a trolley map click here. There is a trolley stop right outside the Gatlinburg Convention Center where the trolley will pick you up or drop you off.

The trolleys run about every 45 minutes. You can use this website to see where the trollies are located at any time. The trollies on the blue and purple routes run from 8:30 am to midnight May 1 through October 31.

For more information on the Gatlinburg Trolley System, go here.